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Looking on where to buy AFM315E? You found the right place! DSSP now has a patent license agreement with AFRL to commercialize this green alternative to hydrazine.

AF-M315E was developed by the Air Force Research Laboratories and licensed for production by DSSP. It provides a higher performance and less toxic alternative to hydrazine while shipping as a 1.4C material. AF-M315E is sold in 1gal (10lb) or 5gal (50lb) quantities. May be known as: af-m315e, af-m315, afm315e, afm315, 315

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GEM (Green electric monopropellant)

DSSP has developed a HAN based liquid monopropellant that can be electrically ignited or ignited by catalyst bed.

GEM MOD3 has been developed to be comparable to AF-M315E in density and viscosity with slightly higher performance capability and faster ignition characteristics for propulsion.

GEM MOD2 has been developed for higher temperature stability for downhole well stimulation for enhanced oil recovery.

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Delivering approximately 50 m/s of delta-v to a 4kg, 3U CubeSat, DSSP’s space qualified CDM-1 is designed for either a single delta-V maneuver or a rapid deorbit. The adapter plate is designed for easy mounting of the motor to the standard CubeSat structure. The CDM-1 mounts on the outside of the CubeSat which then fits inside deployment spring of a P-Pod so that the CDM-1 does not intrude into any of the normal CubeSat payload area. The CDM-1 is optimized for smooth plug-and-play integration into the CubeSat standard.

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Custom Solutions



DSSP's CAPS system delivers multiple small impulse bits for turning Cubesats or other small satellites. The system is customizable to control up to 12 individual thrusters that can each fire hundreds of times. The control unit only uses 1/3U and thrusters can be placed at desired locations on satellite. The CAPS-3 unit has been flown on SpinSat and was deemed the first propellant safe enough to be taken into the ISS before final deployment. 

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This system is newly developed to desaturate reaction wheels on 6U or 12U deep space CubeSats. With each motor supplying at least 5 pulses, they can deliver a total impulse of 1.5N-s. This system has been qualified for flight and can be customized to meet the specific needs of the mission. 

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