Digital Solid State Propulsion
Digital Solid State Propulsion



Digital Solid State Propulsion, Inc.

Digital Solid State Propulsion, Inc. is a Nevada based business that develops and produces safe, “green” energetic materials for defense, space, and commercial markets. Our innovative materials are environmentally friendly to produce and use, with no waste in the production process and benign gas products from combustion. They are insensitive to shock, flame and electrostatic discharge, making them safe to store and handle, only being initiated by electrical input.  Our electrically-throttled propellants are widely recognized as the world’s first smart energetic materials and the technology can be used in a wide variety of applications such as in igniters, squibs, rocket motors, thrusters, indoor pyrotechnics, and downhole applications for oil and gas.



DSSP was founded in October 2005 with just one employee. Since then, we have expanded to nearly 20 employees and interns and over a dozen dogs. Some of our customers have included DARPA, NASA, and the US Navy. We have won various awards throughout our short history in the propulsion and pyrotechnic industry, and have recently become the first energetic material allowed on board the International Space Station!



“What a team, as anyone that has been to DSSP knows… good people and pretty well behaved dogs. DSSP has been able to attract some of the best young minds from the top universities, to challenge the conventional and to change the future of energetics. We invent every day and our team just loves pushing the boundaries of what our amazing new energetic materials can do. Our Board of Directors combines business background with sound scientific input, and includes some long term collages dating back to my first real job at LLNL and even some old HBS wisdom from my brother. So just watch and see all the amazing things our team at DSSP is making happen now and for years to come.”

Wayne Sawka, Ph.D., Founder and CEO







  • Reno-Gazette Journal Medium Business of the Year 2016

  • NCET Aerospace Company of the Year 2015, Technology Company of the Year 2012

  • Live Design International: Debuting Product of the Year in Special Effects, 2014

  • Oil and Gas Innovation Center:  Top Ten Innovations Award, 2009, and Top Ten Innovations of the Past Ten Years Award, 2012

  • 2012 Space Frontier Foundation, NASA BP Competition Winner

  • American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Best Solid Rocketry Paper of the Year, 2013