Digital Solid State Propulsion
Digital Solid State Propulsion

Regulatory Information



eSquib Pyrotechnic Classification

California:  eSquibs are classified as "Exempt Fireworks" in the State of California.  They require a Level 2 or 3 Pyro Card. 

Nevada:  eSquibs are classified as "Special Effects" in Nevada.  A limited Special Effects license specific to the eSquib is required.  The application and approval process through the Nevada State Fire Marshals quick and easy.

Other states:  All other states and territories have independent and separate laws governing the use of pyrotechnics.  Restrictions may apply.


 Shipping Classification

Esquibs are highly insensitive and safe to handle, transport, and store.  They have a 1.4S Hazard Classification issued by the U.S. Department of Transportation, which is the same family as bullets and blasting caps.  They can be shipped via FedEx air or ground only by DSSP or authorized distributors.

Esquibs should not be commercially shipped or air transported by the end user.


eSquib Safety FAQ


Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Who can use an eSquib?

    • Permitting varies by state and jurisdiction. See information above.

  • What is an eSquib made of?

    • About 100 mg of primarily benign energetic material (propellant) produced in a proprietary process. See Safety Data Sheet above for details.

  • What are the byproducts?

    • The exhaust byproducts consist of primarily water vapor, carbon dioxide, and nitrogen. Trace amounts of ozone and CO are created. There is no visible smoke or smoke-like odor.

  • Can I ignite the eSquib with an ordinary fireworks or e-match igniter?

    • No. An eSquib requires a special high voltage power source and switch. DSSP's firing systems are strongly recommended.

  • What other restrictions apply?

    • It is the responsibility of the user to ensure compliance with state and local fire safety laws and building codes.

  • Can I touch the eSquib?

    • No. Never touch the eSquib while it is connected to the equipment. eSquibs are energized with a high voltage source. Although the device is insulated, a shock and/or electrocution hazard exists.

  • Can I wear it on a costume?

    • Yes, but use extreme caution. eSquibs are energized with a high voltage power source and there is a shock hazard. Multiple and redundant layers of insulating material should be worn.

  • Is there a fire hazard?

    • Yes, but this hazard is far less severe as compared to normal pyrotechnics. Like electrical sparks, eSquibs can ignite flammable vapors and other volatile chemicals. A single ignition will not ignite clothing or paper and will not burn skin, but repeated high-rate ignition at a concentrated spot may generate enough heat to do so.

  • Is the effect safe to look at?

    • Yes. eSquibs are similar to xenon strobe lights or camera flash bulbs in intensity and color. They are safe to look at for short periods but staring for long periods may cause vision problems.

    • Very small sparks ("cold fallout") may be ejected from the eSquib during firing. DSSP recommends a 10 foot standoff distance for spectators. Otherwise eye protection is advised.

  • How should it be stored?

    • eSquibs are safe to store in an ordinary plastic bag. Shelf life will be affected by humidity, so keep sealed in packaging in a dry environment.