Digital Solid State Propulsion
Digital Solid State Propulsion

Military Training


Next Generation Pyrotechnics for Military and Law Enforcement Training


eSQUIBS - Reusable Pyrotechnics

DSSP’s eSquibs are next generation pyrotechnic devices that are electrically ignited and reusable.  Unlike traditional pyrotechnics, a single eSquib can be fired hundreds of times from one power supply without any rewiring or reloading.  Its ignition creates an impressive flash and loud report that effectively simulates a variety of battlefield effects, including muzzle flash, bullet impact, fire-back, and ammunition tracer signals.  The per-shot cost is less than a blank round. 

DSSP's military grade eSquibs are enhanced versions of the commercial eSquib that are already in use by the entertainment industry.  These ruggedized devices offer brighter flash and improved audible (SPL) performance in the same small package and are designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions.


  • Fires hundreds of times before replacement (>400 typical)

  • Electrically controlled and programmable

  • Up to 10 ignitions per second

  • Extremely small package that is easy to conceal

  • Suitable for indoor/outdoor exercises

  • Low hazard class (1.4S DOT)


  • Battlefield Effects

  • Small Arms Training

    • Blank rounds

    • Bullet hits

  • Tracer Rounds Simulation

  • Penalty Systems

  • Drone and Robot Platforms


Download our military training brochure here


Improvised Explosive Devices [IEDS]

DSSP is developing an electrically initiated device that can simulate the visual and acoustic signature of an Improvised Explosive Device without requiring explosives or perchlorates to operate, thus reducing handling logistics, improving user safety, and reduce ground water pollution.



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